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You have been scheming and waiting, perhaps doing other projects around the house that are more important first. Now it’s time to focus on your master bathroom.

This is a one-time remodel project, and you want to get it right the first time. We’ve worked with many homeowners who are remodeling a master bathroom, and in this 3-part blog series we’d like to share 12 tips with you.

So what are the characteristics that homeowners find most satisfying in their master bath remodels (i.e. what people love about their new bathrooms)?

Heightened Comfort

Consider a 34 1/2″ high vanity. Be sure to get a toilet that is a comfortable height. Consider raising the shower valve and shower head higher.

Smart Storage

You want storage options that not only look good, but also allow for easy everyday access of product you use daily. If in the remodel you are tearing out the old linen closet, consider extra built-in cabinetry or baskets displaying rolled up linens.

Plug & Hide

If you have two sinks and can spare 15-18 inches in between sinks, look into a countertop cabinet with a lift door. With an outlet installed inside the cabinet, you now have a use-and-stash option for hair appliances, shavers, phone chargers and more.

traditional bathroom with lift door storage

Make it Last

Clean, simple lines used with classic elements help a design withstand the passage of time. Color palettes evolve so bring color in through paint, fabric and accessories. Do your best to avoid trends in product and design.

Those are just four tips for remodeling a master bathroom. Watch for Part 2 & Part 3 to get more tips for a great master bath that you will love for years to come!