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The plethora of choices when remodeling your kitchen can become overwhelming for homeowners. You may be searching online, clipping magazine articles, and asking yourself: “where do I start with my kitchen remodel?”

To make the “big” selections a bit easier to understand, I divide them into 4 areas:

  • appliances that update the kitchen’s functionality
  • cabinetry that becomes the “WOW” factor
  • counters that are unbelievably durable
  • flooring that holds up for years to come

But even when you have a handle on these four areas, your kitchen remodel will not be successful without a detailed plan.

It’s all about the plan.

From the smallest galley kitchen to the large kitchen with multiple door entries, you always need a plan. A “red flag” will always go up for me as a designer when a homeowner thinks they can start a remodel without a detailed space plan.

A successful kitchen remodel plan will include cabinet manufacturer and specifications, countertop templating, sink and fixture specifications and placements, installation and mechanical layouts, and a lighting plan.

Buried in the nitty-gritty, space planning is exactly how a kitchen designer can keep homeowners from spending unnecessary time and money. From this detailed plan, a true budget and schedule can be established. The design details can be amazing, even for modest kitchen renovations!

Don’t loose time wondering, “where do I start with my kitchen remodel?” Get help with a designer’s plan!